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Car gap insurance: Is it right for you?

Posted on August 16, 2014 at 11:40 PM Comments comments ()

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What New Car Fees Should You Pay?

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Before becoming an auto dealer, the last vehicle I purchased as a consumer was a nightmare. I learned from my mistakes and vowed to help others avoid the same pitfalls I quickly realized I had succumb to at the dealership. There are several dealerships out there that want to captalize on your need or desire to purchase their vehicle and they may tack on several additional fees when you least expect it. I was charged all types of fees and did not quite understand how the dealer was able to get away with it. EMG recommends this article to help our clientele be more aware of the proper fees you should expect to see when you are signing your sales contract for your new vehicle. It is EMG's mission to inform and empower our clientele.

Fees that are OK

  • Tag/Registration (*$20)
  • Sales Tax (*based on sales tax rate(%) in your county of residence)
  • Title (*$18 )
  • Emissions (*$25) 
  • Dealer Processing (fixed flat rate set by dealership; cannot vary from one customer to another)  

Those 5 fees are the only fees you will see on an EMG Bill of Sale or Contract, unless you also opt for the following legitimate options:

  • GAP Insurance (protects the buyer and varies from one insurance provider to another)
  • Electronic filing fee for Tag/Registration (*$25)

Fees that are not OK (unless you give consent for these additional services at the dealership)

  • Advertising fee (typically for new cars)
  • Fabric protection
  • Vehicle identification number etching
  • Paint protection


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By: Tiffany D.

*- applies to GA residents only

The 10 best cars for city living

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