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About our Preferred Lenders

Coming soon! Whether your credit is Prime or Subprime, EMG will have a variety of lenders who can work with you.

Vehicle Locator Deposit Requirements

Has EMG located a vehicle for you? If so, the next step is to submit your deposit. The Vehicle Locator Deposit is not an additional fee, as deposit shall be fully credited toward the final sales price when the sale is consummated. Deposit may be considered refundable depending on agreed conditions as set forth in the Deposit Agreement.

Steps to secure your vehicle:

1. Download Deposit Agreement

2. Fax signed Deposit Agreement to 678-759-8422 or email to

3. Make $300 deposit payment to EMG

Acceptable Forms of Payment for Deposit:

  • Cash Funds

  • Wire Transfer Funds

  • PayPal

You can make your deposit here via PayPal.

Information for Cash Buyers

Provide EMG with a letter from your financial institution showing current Proof of Funds. Fax letter to 678-759-8422 or email to

Using your own lender, bank or credit union?

Provide EMG with a Pre-Approval letter from your financial institution. Fax letter to 678-759-8422 or email to

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