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Why EMG?

EMG offers a concierge-type service. We work FOR YOU!

When you choose EMG, you save BIG because unlike those other dealers, we don't maintain a large inventory forcing you to pay a variety of fees. Unlike other dealers, we take the time to listen to you FIRST, then we go out and locate the vehicle YOU want. We also add our own Epiphany touch*. We're sure you'll be happy working with us because we do so many things differently and offer perks that other dealers just won't offer because they've never even considered them. We guarantee they've yet to have the epiphany we've had. We aim to create a great car buying experience for all of our clients using this insight.

Here at EMG, "it's all about the experience!"

We hope to meet with you soon for a free consultation!

The "Epiphany touch*"...

The Epiphany Touch entails 4 or more things that afford a start to worry-free ownership for you:

  • Pre-purchase inspection – FREE

  • Special Warranties – FREE*

  • Fresh oil change – FREE

  • Wash & Detail – FREE

  • Rain-X Original Glass Treatment – FREE

(* - If applicable. Conditions apply.)

Going Green?

We also aim to help individuals reduce their carbon footprint in the metro Atlanta area and abroad. Tired of sitting in bumper to bumper traffic in the metro area? Well, we can show our commuting clients the secret to saving both, time and gas, while actually beating Atlanta traffic on a daily basis. Ask us how today!

How to get your personal EMG Car Search started with us in just 2 steps...

1. Either fill out a vehicle finder form on our website or contact us directly. Here's what we need to know:

  • desired Make/Model

  • desired Year Range

  • desired Mileage Range

  • desired Price Range

  • 1-2 desired Must-have features

2. Tell us what your desired form of payment will be at time of purchase. EMG will accept:

  • Outside Bank Financing (your bank)

  • Credit Union Financing

  • Cash Funds

  • Certified Check

  • Wire Transfer Funds

  • Road Loans

  • Our Preferred Lenders (Coming Soon!)

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